Real performance and ecommerce marketers take stage to provide mastermind-level content for all attendees. Be the first to know cutting-edge strategies and tactics that provide instant ROI on attending.

  • Swikrit Malik
    Swikrit Malik

    CEO, Adceptive Media

  • Ali Moon
    Ali Moon

    CEO, DigiTechIO LLC

  • Attila Odri
    Attila Odri

    CMO, i Am Corporation, Inc.

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  • Brendan Kane
    Brendan Kane

    Viral Marketing - Author of Hook Point

  • Mirella Crespi
    Mirella Crespi

    Cracking Meta Reels For Direct Response

  • Chris Erthel
    Chris Erthel

    23 TikTok Ads That Took the US & EU by Storm

  • Aleyda Solis
    Aleyda Solis

    Expert AI Hacks For SEO

  • Leonardo Caracas
    Leonardo Caracas

    The $1M to $20M Roadmap

  • Anna (Anca) Gita
    Anna (Anca) Gita

    VSL to Native Ads: Pre-Sells With Personalization & AI

  • Martin Kocandrle
    Martin Kocandrle

    Decoding Google’s Performance Max Campaigns

  • Thomas McMahon
    Thomas McMahon

    Scaling CPA Campaigns on ClickBank

  • Maria Claudio
    Maria Claudio

    Meta Ad Policy Demystified

  • John Moran
    John Moran

    Google Ads Strategy [Case Study]

  • Kerri McDonald
    Kerri McDonald

    Maximize LTV With SMS + Email

  • Valerio Fortunato
    Valerio Fortunato

    Mastering Cash-on-Delivery in EU

  • Carmen Muley
    Carmen Muley

    Unlocking Live Shopping Revenue With TikTok Shops

  • Fernando Angulo
    Fernando Angulo

    SEMRush’s Affiliate Program Strategy

  • Jon Lender
    Jon Lender

    Email & SMS Marketing

  • Andrew Turner
    Andrew Turner

    Google Ads Track

  • David Stodolak
    David Stodolak

    Financial Lead Generation Strategy

  • Andi Neunhäuserer
    Andi Neunhäuserer

    Native Ads Track

  • Kamila Łuksza-Szpyt
    Kamila Łuksza-Szpyt

    Native Ads Track

  • Dynh Nguyen
    Dynh Nguyen

    Native Ads Track

  • Nikita Vakhrushev
    Nikita Vakhrushev

    Catapult Email and SMS Opt-Ins + Conversions

  • Haran Rosenzweig
    Haran Rosenzweig

    Growth and Business Development Consultant

  • Dayu Yang
    Dayu Yang

    SHEIN’s $100B Supply Chain Model [Case Study]

  • Kevin Krieg
    Kevin Krieg

    TikTok Track

  • Nadim Kuttab
    Nadim Kuttab

    Native Ads Track

  • Maor Aharoni
    Maor Aharoni

    Guide to Fake Traffic and Fraud

  • Manel Gomez
    Manel Gomez

    Meta Ads Track

  • Patrick Wind
    Patrick Wind

    Meta Ads Track

  • Shmulik (Sam) Segal
    Shmulik (Sam) Segal

    Co-Founder & CEO, Media Troopers

  • Alex Gryzunov
    Alex Gryzunov

    Head of Sales, PIN-UP Partners

  • Brett Turner
    Brett Turner

    Headless Commerce & Technical CRO

  • Alex Micol
    Alex Micol

    Meta Ads Track

  • Eden Masor
    Eden Masor

    Founder & CEO, Mine Marketing

  • Philipp Schoeffmann
    Philipp Schoeffmann

    Creator, REALS

  • Joe Addona
    Joe Addona

    Native Ads Track

  • Ronnie Teja
    Ronnie Teja

    Founder & CEO, Branzio Watches

  • Aaron Paul
    Aaron Paul

    TikTok Track

  • Kyle Hitchcox
    Kyle Hitchcox

    Meta Ads Track

  • Rory Flynn
    Rory Flynn

    AI in Advertising Track

  • Paul Kalka
    Paul Kalka

    TikTok Track

  • Rostyshka Opasnuy
    Rostyshka Opasnuy

    Founder, CPA Home

  • Eric Siu
    Eric Siu

    AI in Advertising Track


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